Look Both Ways

Think back to your childhood. Try and remember little sayings and such that were taught to you, basically giving you simple reminders of what to do and not do.
Maybe this one: “Only you can prevent forest fires!” Or “Just say No”. How about ” Stop, Drop and Roll”?
How many of you remember this one: “Look both ways before you cross the street”? I have a sneaking suspicion that most of you don’t. At least it appears that way every time I drive through a parking lot, or leave a fair or concert where mass amounts of people are leaving at the same time. I realize that the law says that pedestrians have the right of way. But does this mean always? Every time? What about on the freeway? In front of an ambulance? Against the red light? A part of me desperately hopes there a some who are reading this shaking their heads and saying, “No. That’s ridiculous.” Yet I have seen all of these, on several occasions, along with all the people who simply step off the curb without looking.
What I want to know is when did having the “right” to “be in the way” equal invincable? When my 1,500 lb pile of metal is heading your way and you simply step off the curb without looking, your “right” isn’t going to keep you from ending up in the hospital should I run into you. Nothing makes me want to run you over more than you looking both ways, seeing me right next to you and stepping off anyway, all the while staring at me, daring me to hit you. Apparently the saying, ‘Look both ways’ wasn’t specific enough. Apparently it must be spelled out for you. So I am taking a moment to do that. Please take it to heart, I might not stop next time.

Look both ways
WAIT for the car to drive by OR stop
THEN….cross the street.


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