The Good of our Fellow Man

So many times I am proven right when I think that there is no good left in humanity.  I have stopped watching the news and reading newspapers because of the overwhelming proof of the evil running rampant in our world. 

Then God comes along and reminds me that His children are still alive and well in America.  He reminds me that there are those out there that not ill-willed, just blind to the plight of others sometimes.  He reminds me that there are people around me that still want to reach out and help someone else.

Two years ago, after we drove 12 year old van with over 300,000 miles on it into the ground, our family was without any transportation at all.  We didn’t know what to do, we had just moved, just bought a house and just paid off a massive amount of debt.  We were moving in the right direction to financial security, but had not had a chance to save yet.  This was a big problem for us as our budget had not a penny of wiggle room to accomodate a car payment.

Our church stepped up in a big way.  Several families that knew our struggles, and several that didn’t came forward and made anonymous donations on our behalf, and the church gave us some benevolence funds as well.  A member of the staff helped us daily to scoure car ads, call places, research vehicles and find the exact vehicle God meant for us to have.  We had a tiny sum of money, less that $3200, but we knew that we were supposed to get a mini-van.  A car was not what God wanted for us, we wanted a mini-van for so many reasons, one of which was to help others get to church. 

My husband has always wanted a little car, and now seemed like the perfect time to argue for one.  We had been looking for nearly 3 months and had not found a mini-van that had the right number of miles, right age, etc, etc.  It seemed like we should just cave in, go with the majority of voices telling us to just give up and buy a car.  Yet my husband was able to set his wants aside and see the needs of the family.  He was able to see the needs of his children and wife who would do most of the family driving and errand running in the vehicle.  We even thought for sure that the church would abandon us after all this, but this gentleman with the church supported us and continued to help us.  May I add, that he was not getting paid to do this?  This was not in his scope of “job duties” and could have very easily written us off.  But he didn’t, he listened to what we had to say and believed us when we said that God wanted us to have a mini-van. 

A small car did come along….a free one at that.  But we already had the money in place for this van, and one had popped up that we were in the process of checking out.  My husband wanted this little car so badly, but we did the right thing and told them no.  We told them we were blessed to have a church helping us with funds and that they needed to find someone who desperatly needed a no-cost car. 

The day we purchased our van, the people with the little car called and told us something that made no sense.  They could not find a single person or family that needed a free car.  NO ONE!  And they knew a lot of people that knew a lot of people that knew a lot of people, if you get my meaning.  They should have been able to find someone to take this car.  We could not believe it.  For tax purposes they wanted to do something with this car that day so they could file accordingly.  If we didn’t take it, a perfectly good running, high quality engine was going to be scrapped and the money given to charity.  We decided that this was a great waste of resources, and it came to our attention that this car was a gift — for my husband.  God was rewarding him for his sacrifice.  God was giving him the desires of his heart because he was willing to set them aside for the good of his family. 

Now two years later, Satan tried to take this reward from my husband.  In a freakishly wierd accident the car has been totalled.  On a straight stretch of service road, no rain, no intersections, no driveways, no anything, he was rear-ended at 65 miles an hour.  Thankfully he was moving at the time so there was no physical damage to him, had he been stopped at a stop sign on the other hand, things could have been a lot worse. 

Unfortunatly for us, two months has gone by and we are stuck.  The man driving the vehicle had his own insurance.  BUT the car he was driving was not his and it was not on his policy, so the accident is not covered by them.  The person who owned the car had  insurance on the vehicle, but his policy did not cover others driving it, so they won’t cover it either.  AND to top it all off, we opted to only have liability on the car since it didn’t cost us anything to purchase we figured it wasn’t a big enough asset to cover fully, we saved that type of coverage for the van. 

So that being said, most would look at that and say — SCREWED!!  Right?  Thats what we thought too.  The day after I got frustrated and impatient and took that frustration out on my husband, the gentleman who hit him — calls him.  Tells him that he wants to replace his car!

He comes out that night, takes pictures, talks with my husband and tells him to give him one week to find a replacement.  Just when we thought for sure that we were in deep and had no way out, this gentleman does what no one expects but everyone hopes for.  He owns up to his mistake and works to make it right.  He doesn’t sit back and say.”
Oh well man, the insurance company won’t take care of it, I don’t know what to tell you.”  He gets up off his rear and takes care of what he did. 

This is a man we could all take some lessons from, and I am glad that God brought him into our lives.  I don’t like that my husband was rear-ended, but I am thankful that God saw fit to have someone with integrity and decency be the one to do it.  Satan tried to seek, kill and destroy our gift, and God trumped him at every corner.  Not only did he fail at robbing our joy and peace, he failed at taking what God gave us, because now God is going to give us better than we had before. 


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