Riding the Waves of Change

Tomorrow should be an interesting day, hopefully it is also a positive one. 

Tomorrow I will start the bumpy road of repairing a friendship while in the wake of a destroyed one.  Two relationships back to back have been dashed against the rocks, but it looks as if one may rise from the wreckage.

I can only pray that the pain I suffered in both instances have taught me enough that this beautiful second chance, that many don’t get, can be used to its fullest. 

With my emotions attempting to run away with me, I look back on the year of my life and forward into the next year.

 My husband has been forced to change jobs twice and is now returning to the company that laid him off in the first place, making for three total job changes in less than 12 months.  That also means three pay grade changes and lots of fudging and tweaking to the budget.  Needless to say, we have experienced a lot of different levels of “broke”. 

My son has had four ear surgeries to rebuild the ear he wasn’t born with.  Holy cow that was intense.  His first surgery involved removing a piece of rib cartilage and inserting it under the skin on his skull for the rest of his ear to be built on.  Watching him wake up from that first surgery was pure torture as he screamed in pain not understanding in the slightest what had been done to him.  Thank GOD he rebounded super fast and within 48 hours was home and off pain meds.

My father has retired and my parents are selling their house to buy a house boat.

I joined the lead staff of children’s church.

A new youth pastor and then no youth pastor inside of 9 months….wow!! THAT was one crazy ride that I do not wish to repeat. 

One friend and I had a huge blow up over birthday party shenanigans and we each vowed an end to our relationship.  (Said friend is my breakfast date tomorrow)

Ran into friend a few times and we recognized the deep desire to reach out to one another. 

One friend at church just moved away last weekend.

One friend, her husband and son moved in with us even though all we had to offer was a crazy big living room.

Said friend moved out last weekend and was quote, “Taking her friendship with her” when she left and rejecting everything my family ever did for her in the span of the last three years. That was a painful experience I pray I never have to relive again.

AND NOW….the company my husband rehired with…that job he accepted was in Wilmington, Ohio.  So now on top of all these failing friendships and fractured relationships, I will be packing up and shipping off to Ohio.  The next three to four months will involve lots of cleaning, packing, yard sales, and desperate attempts to make as many memories with the ones I will leave behind. 

I will be looking for a new house for my family.  Which will probably involve falling in love with one I end up not being able to have, contemplating buying one I don’t really want, and then ultimately settling on the one God means for us to have. 

It’s gonna be a wild ride!


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