Obsessing Over Something More Worthwhile/ Daily Prompt: Viral

Daily Prompt: Viral


I have been living under a rock when it comes to main stream media for the last three years because we chose to not install cable or satellite for the TV.   But one person that even I know exists is Justin Bieber.  Now, I am not going to get into any discussion as to whether or not his fame is warranted or not, because I frankly don’t care.  I am concerned however with the level of obsession that our girls seem to go to over males in our media.  (I would comment on the males obsessing over the girls, but since I am not of that gender, I didn’t think it would make much sense.)  Our media has seen fit to plaster a face onto any product to make it more marketable which is fueling our ability to obsess over others, creating idols.  I do not think this is a healthy habit and I fear the repercussions this could have on our society, and if we aren’t experiencing them already.

We need to be teaching our daughters to be in awe of and have a deep respect for the hard-working men in her life, not the teeny bopper boys that simply look cute on camera and blow their money on clothes and partying.  That is not a person to be obsessed over and looked up to.  It may seem like a simple thing, and at some point in our culture it was.  It was a called having a crush, like when Elvis or the Beatles were popular.  The girls went absolutely bonkers over them, but those men were actually talented and created real art.  Our culture is different now.  Someone can become famous in 15 minutes and suddenly their face is plastered all over everything and every girl has to have it all.  Their fame is no longer based on talent, it is based on how they dress, what they look like, what products have their face on them, how many CD’s they can churn out in a few years, etc.  Of all the young boys in the media scene today, why is Justin Bieber the only one who is famous?  The answer is simple: because main stream media said so.  Now I am not saying that he is untalented, and I am not saying what he does is easy.  What I am saying however, is that what Justin Bieber does for a living IS NOT more worthy than what fire fighters, police officers, surgeons, EMT’s,  truck drivers, plumbers, electricians, etc. do for a living every single day.

A good friend of mines husband is an EMT, I would hope that her daughters would think their father is WAY more worth being in awe of than Justin Bieber.  The men who go out in the freezing cold to fix the power lines for six days straight so you can  have power deserves a front page plaster on the evening news more than Justin Bieber’s latest concert shenanigans.   The men who die protecting your cities every day deserve a line of lunch boxes and back-packs more than Justin Bieber does.

Suffice it to say that this is what I want to teach my daughter:

The only person I want my daughter to be more in awe of than her brother — is her grandfather.

The only person I want my daughter looking up to more than her grandfather — is her father.

The only person I want her to have more respect for than her father — is her husband.

The only person I want her to be more obsessed with than her husband — is Jesus.




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