Embarking on a New Journey

It came to mind the other day, that I have yet to share my story with others.

A few years ago, I started Celebrate Recovery for my anger issues and learned a lot about myself in the process.  There is something called a ‘testimony’ in which others share their life stories to bring hope to others.  Testimonies bring hope to others in so many ways.  The story we share with each other lets us know that we are not alone, there are others who have experienced hardship and pain.  It lets us know that we are not alone in the destructive path we took in an effort to cope with our hurts, habits and hang ups.  It lets us know that there is hope because others, like us, have found freedom from a life of shame and brokenness, so there must be a way for us to get that too.

I have never had an opportunity to share that testimony and I have been looking for a reason to blog on a more regular basis. It dawned on me just a few days ago that this would be the perfect place to share my story.

I want to share my story not because I think it is anything amazing or so unique that no one else has been through what I have been through.  I want to share my story because I know that I am not the only one to experience the pain and hardships I did.  I want to share my story because there might be someone out there who needs to hear it and know that there can be hope and healing despite any choices they may have made.   I want to share my story because if I can bring hope to even one person, then my pain is turned into something beautiful.  I want to share my story because I know I can grow and learn more about myself through the process. Sharing my story breaks the chains of bondage that the enemy has tried to entangle me with.

It’ll probably be messy and might not make a whole lot of sense.  I am going to try and do one a week and go in chronological order because that seems the easiest way to organize my thoughts. 

I am going to place my disclaimer here to any family or friends that may be reading this.  While I must keep others hearts into account when I share my message, I can in no way falsify or minimize my own pain.  I will share honestly, openly, and transparently about how my life was perceived through my own eyes.  There will be times in which my adult self will add reflections and realizations I have had on my childhood experiences.  But for my story to ring true, for my chains to be broken, for the light of hope to pierce others, I must not hold back for fear of making others uncomfortable with my candidacy.  Please try to keep in mind as you read that I can in no way change my memories.  I have a certain perception of instances and my perception of those instances is what has shaped my hurts, habits and hang ups.  To deny them because someone else may not view them as true does not allow for healing to take place.

Share as you see fit.  If you read these pages and think that it would touch someone else, do not hesitate to send it to them. 
I will end this and begin each blog with the same introduction. 

Hi!  My name is Shauna and I am an Overcomer in Christ.  I am a survivor of childhood physical, emotional and verbal abuse.  I am a survivor of physical, sexual, emotional and verbal abuse in a previous marriage.  I am an overcomer of food addiction, love and relationship addiction, rage and anger mismanagement, kleptomania, co-dependency and people pleasing. 

And this is MY story. 


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