Where to Begin?

Where to Begin?

Originally Penned: 10/8/1999

I know what I see,
I know what I feel.

I know how much it hurts,
I know how much it aches.

I can see the fear,
I can see the darkness.

I know where it hides,
I know where it hides.

It will destroy,
it will trick.

All it wants is victory,
all it wants is your despair.

But how to fight it,
how to make it run.

That I can’t really answer,
of that I can’t really be sure.

I know it has to do with love,
I know it has to do with hope.

Of these we have both,
and plenty enough.

How to use them,
how to make them work?

They are weapons before us,
they are the way to win.

Now we are lost,
now we are failing.

For our love and hope,
our strength and need
are not as strong,
are not as powerful.

If we do not know how
if we cannot see why.

How can you fight?
How can you win?

When you don’t even know
When you don’t even know

how to begin?


In Between Dances

In Between Dances

Originally penned: 11/2/1999

     The music stops

the rhythm keeps on

the beating flows

the feelings flow.

     In between dances

in between heartbeats

and in between glances.

     Do the feelings

really go on?

     Does the love stay strong

ready for the next song?

     Where do you go

between roads?

     What do you do

when you think

you have no where to go?

     Your heart twisting

and turning so fast

the precious times

never seem to last.

     Waiting and reaching

hoping and praying

that the next song

will begin and then

     we will be able

to hold each others hearts

                               and dance once again.